In 1994 Mr. Dawie Krynauw planted his first trees; Eucalyptus Saligna, in persuit of a dream to one day have an abundance of the resource from which he could build structures and furniture to his heart's content. David Krynauw, our CEO and founder, grew up among these saplings, together with his brother, sister, and some goats on the Madola Farm in Piet Retief. Mr. Krynauw had always had a keen interest in carpentry, and so through the years, David eagerly learned some of his first skills of the craft from his father. David continued to make practical items and furniture during his holidays, to earn some extra pocket money, while completing his studies in BSc Agriculture at Stellenbosch University. After obtaining his degree and spending a few years making wine, David returned to the farm with ambitious uncertainty and a cloudy vision of starting something from his hobby.

In 2008, David was named the winner of the Eskom Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition with his "Wooden Chandelier", now sentimentally suspended above his parent's dining room table, as this was an answer to his prayers and a sign from above. With new found certainty, David started taking on larger projects and designing a whole range of furniture in the pursuit of his dream to develop, establish and run a design and manufacturing company. From a workshop on the farm, he produced the work and started training a few farm workers to become carpenters and assistants in the wood workshop. His machines were limited, but with every new discovery of a technique or joint, his capabilities expanded and instilled new inspiration for pieces yet to be realized. 

Upon acquiring a large project to make furniture for a lodge in Namibia, David decided to relocate his workshop and move to Johannesburg in 2014. With a limited budget and no time to waste, David moved in to a low-cost workshop space in the basement of Bjala Square Building in Jeppestown. The up-and-coming Maboneng Precinct was were David settled into a flat, adapting to a totally contrasting environment; from a quiet farm life to the hustle and bustle of the inner city.